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Pacifying The Rage On CALGARY Roads

Convineiently located NorthEast Automotive is more than an automobile repair shop. We do more to your vehicle than the average mechanic in the Greater NorthEast Area will, and we will go above and beyond the call of duty. You can be sure that the work we put into your vehicle is done with the utmost care and diligence by each of our professionally trained and skilled automobile mechanics. The compliments of services we provide means you only have to come to us, and you will never have to worry about finding someone else because we cannot do it. Once you bring us your vehicle, we want to be the trusted mechanics in every aspect of its health. Just like you would visit only one doctor, one dentist and one pharmacist, the NorthEast Automotive wants to become your only source for repair, maintenance and parts. As your trusted automobile mechanics, we will do whatever you need to keep your vehicle in great shape and on the road all the time. We can guarantee our work and the minimal downtime you will experience from your vehicle. Whether you bring it in for a simple brake job, car tune up or a wheel alignment, your car will get the same attention and due diligence that an auto transmission repair or engine repair would. No job is too small, and no task is ever considered average. Each car is unique in its own way, and we always see it that way.